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Introduction to the Elephant Trunk Hill (象鼻山)The Elephant Trunk Hill is a popular scenic spot and also a symbol in Guilin. It is located at the confluence of the Li River and Pea…
Elephant Trunk Hill
Erhai Lake (Dali)
Introduction to Erhai Lake (洱海)Located in the Dali Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province,since it has a shape of an ear, it gets the name Erhai (Ear Lake).Ranked the second pla…
Erhai Lake
Introduction to Everest Base Camp (圣母峰登山基地)The Everest Base Camp are two base camps: the South Base Camp and the North Base Camp, each on opposite sides of Mount Everest. Sou…
Everest Base Camp
Introduction to Echoing Sand Mountain (鸣沙山) Dunhuang attracts a number of tourists for its magnificent natural scenery around and primarily for the singing sand mountai also call…
Echoing Sand Mountain
East Lake Park (Wuhan)
Introduction to East Lake Scenic Area (东湖风景区) East Lake (Donghu) is a large lake within the city of Wuhan. It is also the largest urban lake in China. Covering an area of 33 sq…
East Lake Park
Ersha Island (Guangzhou)
Introduction to Eha Island (二沙岛) Eha Island is a sandbar along the Pearl River in Guangzhou. With its green and tranquil environment, Eha Island is a great place for tourists to …
Ersha Island
Introduction to Erlangshan Tunnel (二郎山隧道)Erlangshan Tunnel is a part of Sichuan-Tibet Highway, located in Erlang Mountain that is at the junction of Yaan City and Garze Prefect…
Erlangshan Tunnel
Introduction to Erlongshan Ski Resort (二龙山滑雪场) The ski resort was built in 1999 and continues to be one of the most popular ski resorts in Heilongjiang Province. The highest a…
Erlongshan Ski Resort

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