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Introduction to Folded Brocade Hill (叠彩山)As one of the most popular tourist attractio in Guilin, the Folded Brocade Hill is especially renowned for its picturesque scenery and st…
Folded Brocade Hill
Introduction to Fit Bend of Yangtze River (长江第一湾) Located in the Stone Drum Town of the Yulong Naxi Autonomous County, Lijiang City of Yunnan Province, the Fit Bend of the Yang…
First Bend of Yangtze River
Introduction to Former French Concession (上海前法租界) Shanghai Former French Concession was once the foreign concession of France in Shanghai. Today the area is now a district of …
Former French Concession
Famen Temple (Xian)
Introduction to Famen Temple Famen Temple is situated in Famen Town which is 120 kilomete from Xian. The history of Famen Temple dates back to the Eastern Han Dynasty and is famous …
Famen Temple
Introduction to Fisher Girl Statue (渔女像)Facing the beautiful Xianglu Bay, the Fisher Girl Statue is regarded as the signature artwork of Zhuhai. The statue was completed in 1982 …
Fisher Girl Statue
Fubo Hill (Guilin)
Introduction to Fubo Hill (伏波山)Fubo Hill which is situated on the western bank of the Li River in the northeast of Guilin is a popular scenic spot in Guilin. It is only two kilom…
Fubo Hill
Fengdu Ghost City (Chongqing)
Introduction to Fengdu Ghost City (丰都鬼城)Situated at the northern bank of the Yangtze River and 176 kilomete dowtream from Chongqing, Fengdu has been well known as the /Ghost Cit…
Fengdu Ghost City
Introduction to Flaming Mountain (火焰山)Flaming Mountain is famous for its high temperature and Fiery Mountain is known for its color. The reddish brown color seems that all the mo…
Flaming Mountains
Fruit Valley (Yining)
Introduction to Fruit Valley (果子沟) The Fruit Valley (Guozigou) is a famous gorge located in Xinjiang's Yining and has the valley streches 28 kilomete. This valley weaves alon…
Fruit Valley
Fairy Bay (Burqin)
Introduction to Fairy Bay (神仙湾)Fairy Bay is another beautiful attraction in Kanas Nature Reserve that allures many visito. Fairy Bay is actually a shoal formed by Kanas Lake in t…
Fairy Bay

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