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It is located at the height of 2030 mete. The name of this pavilion mea Camel Peak in Mongolia. It is said the pavilion is the best place to watch the mote in the Kanas Lake.
Fish Watching Pavilion
Introduction to Former Residence of Hu XueyanThe Former Residence of Hu Xueyan is a famous historical interest in Hangzhou and it attracts tourists for its high architectural and ae…
Former Residence of Hu Xueyan
Five Avenues (Tianjin)
The Five Avenues is a major Tianjin attraction that is located in the south of the downtown Tianjin, a parallel street from east to west named under five cities of southwest China, …
Five Avenues
Introduction to Foshan Ancestral Temple Foshan Ancestral Temple is representative of Guangdong ancient architecture. Fit built in Yuanfeng Era of Song Dynasty, the temple is complet…
Foshan Ancestral Temple
Introduction to Flood Control Monument (哈尔滨防洪纪念塔) The Flood Control Monument is located in Harbin's Stalin Park. The monument was built in 1958 to commemorate those who…
Flood Control  Monument
Furong Ancient Town (Xiangxi Tujia)
Furong Town is surrounded by the green mountai and rive. In town, many deep and long lanes and streets weave the traportation of civilia. Visito may enjoy walking on the stone steps…
Furong Ancient Town
Former Jewish Club (Shanghai)
Former Jewish Club is located in No. 702-722, Nanjing West Road, covering an area of 1,800 square mete. And built in 1911, now it's the headquarter of Chunlan Group Corporation.…
Former Jewish Club
Fuzhou Changle International Airport (IATA: FOC, ICAO: ZSFZ) is an airport serving Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province, China. The airport was inaugurated on June 23, 1997, after…
Fuzhou Changle International Airport
Flower Lake Scenic Area (Aba Prefecture)
The flower lake scenic area is located at the 213 national highway between Ruoregai and Mulang Temple. The lake sits on an altitude of 3468 mete. The road to flower lake from Chengd…
Flower Lake Scenic Area
Fengdu Snow Jade Cave (Chongqing)
Introduction to Fengdu Snow Jade Cave (丰都雪玉洞)Fengdu Snow Jade Cave is located in Chongqing which is 12 kilomete from Fengdu Ghost City.Within the cave are the most amazing lime…
Fengdu Snow Jade Cave

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