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无标题文档Introduction to Gudong Scenic Area (古东景区)Gudong Scenic Area is near the Li River in the west, lies to Guilin in the north, faces Yangshuo in the south, and borde on th…
Gudong Scenic Area
Green Lake Park (Kunming)
Introduction to Green Lake Park (昆明翠湖公园)Two long banks divide Green Lake into four sectio. The banks are lined with an abundance of willow trees and dotted with a range of vib…
Green Lake Park
Gulangyu Island (Xiamen)
Introduction to Gulangyu Island Gulangyu Islet cove an area of 1.87 square kilomete. Sunlight Rock, the highest peak on the island, is the symbol of Xiamen. Because the holes in th…
Gulangyu Island
Introduction to Ganden Monastery (甘丹寺)Ganden Monastery, or Ganden Namgyeling, is one of the /Great Three/ Gelukpa univeity monasteries of Tibet, located at the top of Wangbur Mou…
Ganden Monastery
Grand Canal (Hangzhou)
Introduction to Grand Canal (大运河)The Grand Canal of Hangzhou, which is also known as the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, is the longest ancient canal in the world. It was fit bui…
Grand Canal
Golden Whip Stream (Zhangjiajie)
无标题文档Introduction to Golden Whip Stream (金鞭溪)The Golden Whip Stream is one of the most attractive travel spot in Zhangjiajie. The Yellow River and the Yangtze River are prom…
Golden Whip Stream
Goose Neck Park (Chongqing)
Introduction to Goose Neck Park (鹅岭公园)Goose Neck Park, or E Ling Park, is located in Chongqing's Yu Zhong District and is Chongqing's earliest peonally owned garden. Th…
Goose Neck Park
Introduction to General Joseph W Stilwell Museum (史迪威将军旧居博物馆)Reckoned as the one of crucial relics of alternate capital, General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum of Chongqing Ci…
General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum
Grape Valley (Turpan)
Introduction to Grape Valley (葡萄沟)The Grape valley is North east 15km from Turpan. It is a valley area on the west in the mountain of flames. It is famous for its production of g…
Grape Valley
Gaochang Ruins (Turpan)
Introduction to Gaochang Rui (高昌故城)It is the largest city rui in west China which cove around 2.2 million square mete, containing the outer and inner cities. The layout of the …
Gaochang Ruins

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