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The forest park is located at Jiuzhaigou County. It is opposite to the famous Jiuzhaigou scenic area. In Tibetan language, the Goddess Lake is referred as the place where goddess ba…
Goddess Lake National Forest Park
Garze Temple (Garze)
Situated on the slope of Ganzi prefecture you will find Ganzi Temple, Conbined with the architecture style of Zang and Han, it is a 339-year-old temple. Home to over 400 monks, the …
Garze Temple
Grand Mosque of Shadian (Honghe Prefecture)
Shadian town, situated in Gejiu City, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province of China, is a famous Hui community in Yunnan Province. And it has the Grand Mosque o…
Grand Mosque of Shadian
Introduction to Guangdong Science Center (广东科学中心) Located in Xiao Guwei Island as a part of the Guangzhou Univeity area, Guangdong Science Center is the largest of its kind in…
Guangdong Science Center
Gongbei Underground Shopping Center
Gongbei Underground Shopping Center
Goddess Peak (Chongqing)
Introduction to Goddess Peak (神女峰)There are many beautiful fairy tales related to goddess peak, in the pre-history era, there lived many fairies in the palace of heaven. Among th…
Goddess Peak
Introduction to Greater Khingnan Mountain (大兴安岭) The Greater Khingan Mountai is referred to as the "Last Pure Land". In spring the red azaleas are in full bloom. In th…
Greater Khingan Mountains
Gubeikou Great Wall IntroductionGubeikou Great Wall is located in Miyun County 125 kilomete from Beijing and is the only well preserved section of the Great Wall that has not been r…
Gubeikou Great Wall
Guia Fortress (Macau)
无标题文档Introduction to Guia Fortress (东望洋炮台)The Guia Fortress was built between 1622 and 1638 due to attempts of the Dutch to invade and seize Macau from the Portuguese. The…
Guia Fortress
Introduction to Guandu Ancient Town (昆明官渡古镇) Guandu Ancient Town is a famous historic and cultural ancient town in Kunming. It is located in southwest suburb of Kunming City, …
Guandu Ancient Town

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