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Introduction to Holy House of Mercy (仁慈堂)Established by the fit Bishop of Macau in 1569, this ititution was modelled after one of the most prominent and oldest charitable organiz…
Holy House of Mercy
Huayan Temple (Datong)
Introduction to Huayan Temple (华严寺) Located in the southwest corner of Datong City, Shanxi Province, Huayan Temple (华严寺) is the largest and most perfectly preserved temple of …
Huayan Temple
Hanging Temple (Datong)
Introduction to Hanging Temple (悬空寺) The Hanging Temple is situated at the foot of the mountain Hehan and is one of the most famous attractio of Datong. The temple is situated 80…
Hanging Temple
Hailuogou (Garze)
Introduction to Hailuogou (海螺沟)Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park, also named Conch Gully National Glacier Forest Park is located on the east of Gonggar Mountain in Luding Co…
Introduction to Huangxing Walking Street (黄兴路) As with many other Chinese cities, Changsha has a walking street, namely the Huangxing Walking Street. The Huangxing Walking Street…
Huangxing Walking Street
Introduction to Huiyuan Ancient City (慧远古城) Yili was the important passage from Xinjiang to Central Asia. In order to strengthen the control in Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong se…
Huiyuan Ancient City
Horgos Port (Yining)
Introduction to Khorgas Port (霍尔果斯口岸) Khorgas Pas is the land port in Yili Huocheng County,in the opposite of Kazakhstan across Khorgas Lake. It was the important post in a…
Horgos Port
Hemu Grassland (Burqin)
Introduction to Hemu Grassland (禾木大草原)Hemu Grassland is one of the major attractio in Burqin County tourism. It is located in the rift basin where Kanas River and Hemu River in…
Hemu Grassland
Hemu Village (Burqin)
Introduction to Hemu Village (禾木村)Located in the north of Xinjiang Province, Hemu Village is one of the three villages in Burqin. It is the biggest and farest village of the rema…
Hemu Village
Introduction to Hubei Provincial Museum (湖北省博物馆) The museum is an exhibit of ancient Chinese artifacts excavated throughout Hubei Province. The displays range from pottery, je…
Hubei Provincial Museum

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