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Islamic Holy Tombs (Quanzhou)
They are to be found at the southern foot of Mount Lingshan outside the East Gate of Quanzhou. According to The Book of Fujian, four disciples of Mohammed, the founder of Islam, cam…
Islamic Holy Tombs
Idkah Mosque (Kashgar)
Introduction to Idkah Mosque Located in the west of the Idkah square, Kashgar city, covering an area of 25.22 acres, Idkah Mosque is not only the largest mosque in Xinjiang, but als…
Idkah Mosque
Irtysh River (Fuyun)
From its origi as the Kara-Irtysh (Black Irtysh) in the Mongolian Altay mountai in Xinjiang, China, the Irtysh flows north-west through Lake Zaysan in Kazakhstan, meeting the Ishim …
Irtysh River
Imperial Hot Spring Resort is next to the sea, coist of interior and exterior two regio.There are more than 80 kinds of various styles spa pool here. /ocean , spa, health, entertain…
Imperial Hot Springs Resort
Inner Mongolia Museum is situated in the heart of Hohhot, which is the largest and best museum in the Inner Mongolia.
Inner Mongolia Museum
Iron Lock Pass (Chongqing)
Introduction to Iron Lock Pass (铁锁关)Iron Lock Pass is one of the history that is rarely mentioned which actually show the importance of Yangtze river. According to the historical…
Iron Lock Pass

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