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Kuan Zhai Alley (Chengdu)
Introduction to Kuan Zhai Alley (宽窄巷子)Kuan Zhai Alley is one of the three historical and cultural reserves in Chengdu, together with Daci Temple Reserve and Wehu Monastery. Als…
Kuan Zhai Alley
Kangding (Garze)
Introduction to Kangding (康定)Kangding is located in a valley of the Tibetan Plateau about 210 kilometres west-southwest of Chengdu, the provincial capital, and 100 kilometres west…
Introduction to Karez Well System (坎儿井) The Karez Well System is cotructed by the people of Xinjiang. The Karez Well System is a underwater irrigation system, over 2,000 yea ag…
Karez Well System
Kunes Grassland (Narat)
It mea the valley grassland which collect by Kunes Lake and is also the typical area of Ili grassland. The Kunes grassland is mainly located in the area of Xinyuan County and its al…
Kunes Grassland
Kazak Yurt (Urumqi)
Introduction to Kazak Yurt (哈萨克毡房)At one time, the nomadic Kazakhs lived in yurts (cone-shaped tents of white felt stretched over a framework of wooden poles). It can be seen …
Kazak Yurt
On December 30, 2002, the Xinjiang government approved the establishment of Karamay Mayigele Nature Reserve. The protected areas are located in the Karamay District with the coordin…
Karamay Wild Animal Reserve
Kanas Lake (Burqin)
Introduction to Kanas Lake (喀纳斯湖)Kanas Lake, a freshwater lake located in 150 kilomete north of Burqin County of Altay Region in Xinjiang Province. It is nestled to the Altay Mo…
Kanas Lake
Kumbum Monastery (Xining)
Introduction to Kumbum Monastery (塔尔寺) Kumbum Monastery is also named Ta'er Monastery. It was built in 1577 more than 150 yea after the death of Tsong Khapa (1357-1419), foun…
Kumbum Monastery
Introduction to Kaifeng Daxiangguo Temple (开封大相国寺) Daxiangguo Temple was fit built in 555 AD during Qi Dynasty with new buildings added in 1661 and 1766. There were two times …
Kaifeng Daxiangguo Temple
Introduction to Kaifeng Government Hall (开封府) Kaifeng Fu, a famous scenic spot, is a replica of ancient Kaifeng government hall in Song Dynasty. It is one of famous kaifeng touri…
Kaifeng Government Hall

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