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Introduction to Xian Qianling MausoleumQianling Mausoleum is one of the famous ancient mausoleum of the Tang Dynasty in China. It is located on Mount Liang, 6 kilomete north of Qain…
Qianling Mausoleum
Qingjing Mosque (Quanzhou)
Introduction to Qingjing Mosque (泉州清净寺) The Qingjing Mosque, literally the pure and clean mosque, was built in 1009 on present day Tumen Street, covering 2,100 square mete. As …
Qingjing Mosque
Introduction to Quanzhou Maritime Museum (泉州海外交通史博物馆) As the China's only museum dedicated to the history of Chinese oveeas exploration, Quanzhou Maritime Museum is lo…
Quanzhou Maritime Museum
Qianmen Street (Beijing)
Introduction to Qianmen Street (前门大街)Qianmen, meaning "Front Gate" in Chinese, is a famous street located to the south of the Tiananmen Square, just along the Beijing…
Qianmen Street
Introduction to Qinghefang Ancient Street(清河坊)Qinghefang Ancient Street is the best-preserved historical street in Hangzhou and also it is one of the most famous place for shop…
Qinghefang Ancient Street
Qinhuai River (Nanjing)
Introduction to Qinhuai River As a branch of the great Yangtze River, Qinhuai River is 110 kilomete in length and cove a drainage area of 2,631 square kilomete. It is the largest ri…
Qinhuai River
Qixia Temple (Nanjing)
Introduction to Qixia Temple (栖霞寺) Qixia Temple of Nanjing is at the foot of maple forested hillside and remai a great attraction of Jiangsu Province. It has a pair of identical …
Qixia Temple
Qingxiu Mountain (Nanning)
Introduction to Qingxiu Mountain (青秀山) Qingxiu Mountain is one of well known attractio in Nanning city, about 9 km southeast of Nanning downtown. It sits on the bank of Yong Rive…
Qingxiu Mountain
Introduction to Qiao Family Courtyard (乔家大院) Qiao Family Courtyard is located in Qiaojiabao village of Qi County, which is 54 kilomete from Taiyuan. It stands north building sty…
Qiao Family Courtyard
Introduction to Qingming Riveide Landscape Park (清明上河园) Qingming Riveide Landscape Garden is cotructed with this famous painting as blueprint. It is a large theme park of histo…
Qingming Riverside Landscape Park

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