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Qilou Old Street (Haikou)
With its origi dating back around 2,000 yea to ancient Greece, arcade architecture was introduced to Haikou by oveeas Chinese merchants from 1820-1840. Located in Haikou, Hainan Pro…
Qilou Old Street
Qing Mu Chuan Ancient Town is located in the northwest corner of Ningqiang County, ShaanxiProvince.According to research,Qing Mu Chuan Ancient Town began in earnest in the Ming Dyna…
Qing Mu Chuan Ancient Town
Qinghai Lake (Qinghai)
Introduction to Qinghai Lake (青海湖)Qinghai Lake, also called as /Kukuzhuoer/, mea /blue sea/ in Mongolian.Located in the northeastern of Qinghai basin,it is China's largest in…
Qinghai Lake
Qiandenghu Park (Foshan)
Qiandenghu Park is in the central of Nanhai District, which is made up of artificial lake, shops, History view tower and tea pavilion. In order to let more citize to enjoy the beaut…
Qiandenghu Park
Qinghui Garden (Foshan)
Located in Shunde District of Foshan City, Qinghui Garden is recognized as one of the four major Qing-Dynasty garde in Guangdong and is one good reason for you to travel to Foshan, …
Qinghui Garden
Zhongshan Quanyan Hot Spring Resort cove over 50,000 square mete, located in Zhongshan Quanyan village. Traportation is convenient, 30-minute drive from Zhuhai, Zhongshan and 20 min…
Quanyan Hot Spring Resort
Introduction to Qingyan Ancient Town (青岩古镇)Qingyan Ancient Town is a famous historical and cultural tow in Guizhou Province, formed in the Hongwu yea Ming dynasty, now it has si…
Qingyan Ancient Town
Introduction to Qingman Miao Village (青曼苗寨) The Miao Village are always enthusiastic when visito visit and warmly welcome all guests to their village. One of the highlights of t…
Qingman Miao Village
Qi River Cruise (Zhongshan)
Qi River is the mother river of Zhongshan. The whole Qi River Cruise is about 6 km, passing through two casual belt, five squares, ten theme parks, forty-nine node. Every day 15:00 …
Qi River Cruise
Qionghai Lake (Xichang)
Situated about 7 kilomete from the city center of Xichang City, Liangshang Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, Qionghai Lake is one of the famous tourist attractio in Sichua…
Qionghai Lake

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