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Sugong Pagoda (Turpan)
Introduction to Sugong Pagoda (苏公塔)The Sugong Pagoda is also known as the Emin Pagoda or Turpan Pagoda, it is located 2 km southeast of Turpan on an open field. The pagoda is a r…
Sugong Pagoda
Introduction to Southern Mountain Pasture (南山牧场)Southern Mountain Pasture, also called Nahan Pasture, is located 60 kilomete south of Urumqi city with fascinating scenery. South…
Southern Mountain Pasture
Swan Lake (Nalati)
Located in the basin of Bayanbulak Grassland, Bayinbuluke Swan Lake is the only one Swan Nature Reserve of China and the largest one in Asia.It is the habitat with largest populatio…
Swan Lake
Sayram Lake (Yining)
Introduction to Sayram Lake (赛里木湖) Sayram Lake is a fairyland with wonderful natural scenery. The lake is like a brilliant emerald inlaid in the basin which is surrounded by Mt.…
Sayram Lake
Introduction to St. Sophia Cathedral (苏菲亚教堂)Saint Sophia Cathedral is one of the few still standing Orthodox churches in Harbin. It is now converted into a Harbin Cotruction Ar…
St. Sophia Cathedral
Sun Island Park (Harbin)
Introduction to Sun Island (太阳岛) Sun Island Scenic Spot, located on the north shore of the Songhua River in the urban area of Harbin, is the largest compreheive cultural park for…
Sun Island Park
Shaolin Temple (Dengfeng)
Introduction to Shaoling Temple (少林寺) The Shaolin Temple, tucked away in the woods of Shanlin Museum, is the main tourist attraction of the Songshan Mountain Scenic Area, and a k…
Shaolin Temple
Introduction to Star of Nanchang Ferris Wheel (南昌之星摩天轮) Located in the Ganjiang People's Park,Star of Nanchang is a landmark cotruction in Nanchang. As high as 160 mete,…
Star of Nanchang Ferris Wheel
Shuanglin Temple (Pingyao)
Introduction to Shuanglin Temple (双林寺) The Shuanglin Temple is reputed to be the 'ancient painted sculptures museum'. The temple houses more than 2,000 colorful sculpture…
Shuanglin Temple
Introduction to Sand Lake Scenic Resort (沙湖)Sand Lake Scenic Area is one of Ningxia's most famous destinatio, known for its spectacular scenery of the peaceful lake, soft sand…
Sand Lake Scenic Area

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