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Sanbao Dong Village (Rongjiang County)
Sanbao Dong Village is situated in Chejiang Towhip of Rongjiang County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province. As the village lies in the biggest inter…
Sanbao Dong Village
Introduction to Suiyuan General Government Office (绥远城将军衙署)General Government Office in Hohhot is one of the national cultural heritages in China, it was located in the new m…
Suiyuan General Government Office
Shenzhen High Speed Railway Station
Shenzhen High Speed Railway Station
Sanya Phoenix International Airport (IATA: SYX, ICAO: ZJSY) is the airport serving Sanya City in Hainan Province and it is the traportation hub for the southern part of Hainan Islan…
Sanya Phoenix International Airport
Songpan Ancient Town (Aba Prefecture)
Introduction to Songpan Ancient Town (松潘古城) Songpan Ancient Town, known as Songzhou Town in ancient times, is located in northeast of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture…
Songpan Ancient Town
Shuimo Ancient Town (Aba Prefecture)
Introduction to Shuimo Ancient Town (水磨古镇) Shuimo Ancient Town, located in Wenchuan County of Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Aba in Sichuan Province, once a town ser…
Shuimo Ancient Town
Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea, located in the border of Changning and Jiang'an county, Yibin City, southern part of Sichuan Province, is a natural site endowed with a sea of ever …
Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea
Sichuan Provincial Museum was founded in March 1941. The museum was renamed from /western Sichuan Museum/ to /Sichuan Provincial Museum./ in 1952. Sichuan Provincial Museum is an i…
Sichuan Provincial Museum
Shangli Ancient Town is a famous historical and cultural tow in Sichuan, with the provincial cultural relics protection units 2, municipal 6. Sichuan Province in 1982 was named the …
Shangli Ancient Town
Introduction to Stone Elephant Lake (石象湖)Stone Elephant Lake is situated in Pujiang County of Chengdu. It is one of the hottest tourist spot in Chengdu because of its beautiful n…
Stone Elephant Lake

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