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Taxia Village (Zhangzhou)
Taxia Village is an exquisite Hakka village, located in a valley in the west of Shuyang Town, Nanjing County. Built in 1426 in Ming Dynasty by Zhang Family, it has been a famous hom…
Taxia Village
Introduction to Tiger Leaping Gorge (虎跳峡) Being one of world famous grand canyo, Tiger-Leaping Gorge Scenic Spot is the best destination for exploration and self-challenge becuas…
Tiger Leaping Gorge
Tibet Museum (Lhasa)
Introduction to The Tibet Museum (西藏博物馆)Located at the southeast corner of Norbulingka, Lhasa, it is the fit modern museum in Tibet. It cove an area of 53,959 square mete and h…
Tibet Museum
Tiger Hill (Suzhou)
Introduction to Tiger Hill (虎丘) Tiger Hill is one of the most famous tourist attractio in Suzhou, enjoying the reputation of /The fit scenic spot in Wu area/ by its imposing beaut…
Tiger Hill
Introduction to Tongli Water Town (同里水乡) Tongli Water Town is encircled by 5 lakes outside and divided by 15 rive. Tongli is out of question an authentic water town. It is 18 ki…
Tongli Water Town
Introduction to Tangyue Memorial Archway (棠樾牌坊群)Located around the road in the entrance of the Tangyue village within the west of Shexian County, Tangyue Memorial Archway Group…
Tangyue Memorial Archway
Tunxi Ancient Street (Huangshan)
Introduction to Tunxi Ancient Street (屯溪老街)Located at the center of Tunxi District of Huangshan city, Tunxi Ancient Street is 832 mete long and 5 to 8 mete wide. With hundreds o…
Tunxi Ancient Street
Introduction to Dali Ancient Town (大理古城)Located at the foot of Cangshan Mountain in Yunnan Province, 300 kilometres northwest of Kunming, Dali City is the economic and cultural …
The Ancient City of Dali
Tianzi Mountain (Zhangjiajie)
无标题文档Introduction to Tianzi Mountain (天子山)Tianzi Mountain is on the east of Suoxi Valley, south of Zhangjiajie and north of Sangzhi County. Tianzi Mountain is one of the fou…
Tianzi Mountain
Ten-mile Gallery (Zhangjiajie)
无标题文档Introduction to Ten-mile Gallery (张家界十里画廊)Located in the Donggou Gorge, Ten-mile Gallery is a 5km scenic road with Wanxing Village and Longtan Village on each end. …
Ten-mile Gallery

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