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West Street (Yangshuo)
Introduction to Yangshuo West Street (阳朔西街)Yangshuo West Street lies in the center of Yangshuo County. This street is 517 mete long and 8 mete wide, and got its name because of …
West Street
Introduction to Wuapi River Rafting (五排河漂流)Wupai River is located the north of Ziyuan county, Guilin city. The river flows through three ethnic towhips including Chetian, Liang…
Wupai River Rafting
Wenshu Monastery (Chengdu)
Introduction to Wehu Monastery Wehu Monastery is the most famous and best preserved Buddhist temple in Chengdu. It is the home of the Buddhist Association of Sichuan Province and Ch…
Wenshu Monastery
West Lake (Hangzhou)
Introduction to West Lake (西湖)Hangzhou West Lake is a manmade freshwater lake which is separated into five sectio by three causeways. It occupies 60 square kilomete in which locat…
West Lake
Window of the World (Shenzhen)
Introduction to Window of The World (世界之窗) The Window of the World is a theme park, located in western part of Shenzhen. Cover an area of 48 hectares,the park has over 130 repro…
Window of the World
Wong Tai Sin Temple (Hong Kong)
Introduction to Wong Tai Sin Temple (黄大仙祠)Wong Tai Sin Temple was built in 1945 and is a famous historical site in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is one of the most famous and prestigio…
Wong Tai Sin Temple
Wooden Pagoda (Datong)
Introduction to Wooden Pagoda (应县木塔) The Wooden Pagoda is not only the tallest but also the oldest wooden pagoda in China today. Compared with the renowned Leaning Tower of Pisa…
Wooden Pagoda
Introduction to Wangfujing Snack Street Wangfujing Snack Street is one of the biggest attractio of Beijing and is part of the most prosperous commercial areas of the city. Wangfujin…
Wangfujing Snack Street
Introduction to Wuxi Three Kingdoms City (无锡三国城) The city was built as a studio set by China Central Television Station (CCTV) in 1987, the Three Kingdom City has facilitated t…
Wuxi Three Kingdoms City
White Emperor City (Chongqing)
Introduction to White Emperor City (白帝城)White Emperor City, or Baidicheng, is one of famous tourist attractio of theThree Gorges. It is located on the Baidi Mountain, which is at…
White Emperor City

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