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Yongfu Monastery (Hangzhou)
Introduction to Yongfu Monastery (永福寺)Yongfu Monastery cove an area of 20 hectares and is made up of 5 courtyards: Puyuan Jingyuan, Jialing Jiangyuan, Zhiyan Huiyuan, Guxiang T…
Yongfu Monastery
Introduction to Yetian Ancient Village Scenic Area (椰田古寨)Yetian Ancient Village gai the name for its vast canopies of coconut trees (Ye mea coconut and Tian mea field). The scen…
Yetian Ancient Village Scenic Area
Yuhu Village (Lijiang)
Introduction to Yuhu Village (玉湖村)Yuhu Village nestled in the foothills of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, about 15 kilomete North of Lijiang Ancient Town. Yuhu Village is a remot…
Yuhu Village
Introduction to Yellow River Stone Forest (黄河石林)With a history spanning four billion yea, Yellow River Stone Forest is engulfed in a long valley beside the section of the Yellow…
Yellow River Stone Forest

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