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Longdeng Grassland

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Longdeng Grassland is in Ganzi County, located on both sides of the Sichuan Tibet Highway, magnanimous wide. King Gesar year dragon prairie had camped here. so this piece of grassland in Tibetan called "Gesar pass", meaning "King Gesar battle over Grassland"

King Gesar was then well-known in the camp here, who was known locally as "Gesar pass." Measures in the near Pearl Farm grass, there is a 53 × 53-meter land planning, the legend of King Gesar then built a stage in the earth's largest full-Tibetan tent, inviting his wifes and parents to live. When the sun rises, King Gesar would make order on stage.

Pearl Farm is a place to wash your hair. beads Farm measures less (about 0.6km2), crystal clear water, Usually wans, ducks and other waterfowl habitat can be seen to play here. Pearl Farm contingent measures regardless of the village center next to King Gesar still retains men used stone tea. Regardless of the Tibetan spiritual point has a unique, rare in the world of 108 large happy Buddha statue base, its large-scale, unique; prairie edge also shows many of the remains of King Gesar year campaign.

Nearby a lake has a natural red Regardless teach temple Temple, the temple dedicated to the 108 men and women form a two-phase two hold the Happy Buddha, which can be the world biggest. It is said that Longdeng Grassland's color can be changed 12 times per year. July is the local grand festival. Then the temple monks will be staged on Tibetan King Gesar. Currently Longdeng Grassland is applying to enter the World Natural Heritage List.

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