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Meixi Memorial Archway

 Zhuhai Attractions

Meixi Arch tourist areas to reproduce Zhuhai's attractive local cultural charm, is set celebrity Memorial Folk Museum, tourism and leisure as one of Zhuhai local cultural landscape, and high-grade tourist resort. Zhuhai rich in historical monuments, has Bronze Age about 3,000 years ago Gaolan Island Hokyo Bay Cliff Stone, portray, Consul General of Emperor Guangxu give the Qing government in Honolulu, Chen Fang of the ancient buildings the Meixi arch, and Tang Shao-yi Xuantong to four years to build Tang is a total paradise.

This tourist area consists of four parts: three exquisite granite archways built in the Qing Dynasty, the former residence of Chen Fang, an outstanding overseas Chinese and first Chinese consul in Hawaii in the late Qing Dynasty, the personal garden of Chen and the Chen's family graveyard.

Location: Shuanglong Mountain, Meixi Village, Qianshan Town
Opening Hours: 8:30AM-6:00PM

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