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Military Book & Precious Sword Gorge

 Yichang Attractions

There are two versions of the legend about the famous and mysterious gorge. First one is about Zhuge Liang who wrote a book on the art of war which was the experience of his whole life. One time, he was very sick, about to die, he looked around and found that no one had the ability and certification to award, but he didn’t willing to let this book limited his generals’ idea in war, since he found a very dangerous place to save it, which means that only wise man can own it.

Another legend is later of Qin dynasty, Chu-Han battle, there was a very intelligent and resourceful man called Zhang Liang who was Liubang’ military counselor He was very resourceful and very familiar with the book on the art of war and had so much practical war experience, while in the battle of Gaixia, he helped Liu Bang defeated Xiang Yu (Xiang Yu used to reign country Chu), Zhang Liang died and his book on the art of war saved inside of the gorge.

It is textual researched by archaeologist that the so called Bingshu (the book on the art of war) is the remains of ancient suspending coffin on hillside. There was a herbalist (he used to line down from peak to hillside) found the coffin where he took out copper bowls, copper sword and other remains. That so called Baojian is a prominent stone on hillside, formed by limestone. 

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