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Mutuo Village

 Aba Prefecture Attractions

Mu Tuo Village, lies in the border of Wenchuan County and Maoxian County, 27 kilometers away from the center of Maoxian County, Sichuan Province. Mu Tuo Village is a settlement for Qiang people with a long history.

The name Mu Tuo derives from Qiang language. Mu means heaven and the sun, Tuo means bestow, therefore the combined meaning of Mu Tuo village is a gift bestowed by heaven and the sun. Mu Tuo village locates in the west of Minjiang River, in a valley terrace with advantageous natural conditions. The village of Mu Tuo is built according to the location of the surrounded mountains but well-arranged. This is a village with beautiful scenery and rich historical and cultural deposits. When travel to Mu Tuo Village, it is a best chance to experience the strong folk customs of Qiang people. Qiang people are good at dancing. They usually dance for some important occasions, like festivals, wedding, funerals and harvest celebration. Salang folk dance is the most well-known dance among Qiang people.

To enjoy the typical buildings of Qiang people, taste the local special flavors of Qiang ethic, visit old tree and natural cave of 500 years old, and their beautiful costumes and handcrafts, all these attractions add extra charm to Mu Tuo Village.

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