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Naadam Fair on Gegentala Grassland

 Hohhot Attractions

Gegentala Grassland is one of the most popular tourist sites in Inner Mongolia. It is the largest grassland in Inner Mongolia and also has the shortest distance from Hohhot with a distance of 140 kilometers and two hours’ driving.

Gegentala means summer resort in Mongolian. Featured for the typical fascinating grassland scenery of verdant grasses, colorful flowers, flocks of sheep and horses, scattered yurts, local strong Mongolian ethnic culture and customs, Gegentala Grassland attract numerous tourists every year.

Besides its spectacular grassland landscapes and well-preserved natural environment, Gegentala Grassland is also charming for the original Mongolian flavors of pastimes, lifestyles, culture and customs. The best time to visit the grassland is from the middle of July to September when flowers in bloom and herds are strong, especially the time when Naadam Fair held.

The grand Naadam Fair is held every year from August 15th to 25th in Gegentala Grassland. The Naadam Fair is the most important traditional festival in Inner Mongolian people when people wearing colorful holiday costumes and getting together for celebration and various interesting activities. The Naadam Fair held in Gegentala Grassland is a great opportunity to get a deep understanding of the Mongolian culture and folklores. Tourists can dress up Mongolian boots and gowns, and join in the local activities. Horse racing, arrow shooting, climbing Aobao, and wrestling, these are the most popular entertainment. Also listening to local ethnic songs and watching dancing performances, but more importantly enjoying delicious Mongolian food, all these will bring you ultimate fun and joy.

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