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Niubei Mountain

 Yaan Attractions

Niubei Mountain is located in Ya’an city which is part of Sichuan province and neighbours Luding county, the mountain is a branch of Erlang mountain which seperates the Qingyi River and Dadu River. Niubei Mountain gains its name from the shape of the mountain top which resembles the back of the bull. Niubei Mountain is a relatively new tourist attraction that was introduced only in 2009. If you’re planning a China tour around the Sichuan region, you must make visiting the amazing Niubei Mountain top of your list. 

Prime Season - The best time to visit Niubei Mountain is between April and May, the mountain is 3,600 meters above sea level therefore weather is rather dry with less fog meaning it’s the prime season to catch the best scenery. The temperature is estimated around to be at -15 degrees at the coldest.

Rain Season - Visiting between June and November so happens to be the rain reason at Niubei Mountain. Therefore, we suggest that for safety reasons visiting during this season should be avoided as persistent rain and fog makes your trip more dangerous and the scenery is not so great due to the fog. During the rain season weather is slightly warmer but still -12 degrees. 

Frost Season – From December until March due to frost and snow visiting the mountain proves to be much more difficult but nevertheless this is also one of the prime seasons to capture the most beautiful views of the sea of clouds. Temperatures plummet to -20 degrees during this season! However, we strongly advise against visiting during the winter months as safety cannot be guaranteed due to the frost and snow covered mountain routes.

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