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Ocean Springs Resort

 Zhuhai Attractions

Ocean Spring Resort occupies an area of 5,100,000 square metres and cost 2.2 billion yuan during this initial stage.Ocean Spring Resort consists of three hotels, a theme park - "Mysterious Island", a restaurant area - Fisherman's wharf, a theatre and the hot springs complex. Ocean Spring Resort has 2 International 5-star hotels, Neptune and Uranus and both houses have 500 rooms each. Imagine the amount of staff required to maintain the 1,000 rooms during peak season! Ocean Springs Resort is great for day trips in Zhuhai or even a long vacation. 

Located in the west of Zhuhai City, in southwest Guangdong Province, Ocean Spring Resort features charming sea sights, hot spring spas, beautiful islands, comfortable hotel rooms and various sport facilities. Covering about 5.1 square kilometers, the resort consists of over 100 hot springs, two five-star Mediterranean style hotels, a wharf, a theme park, a theater, a fitness club and a golf course. When other cities become freezing in this month, a stroll along the island and a soak in a hot spring spa will warm your spirits.

Address: Wenquan Road, Pingsha Town, Jinwan District, Zhuhai 

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