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Qiandenghu Park

 Foshan Attractions

Qiandenghu Park is in the central of Nanhai District, which is made up of artificial lake, shops, History view tower and tea pavilion. In order to let more citizens to enjoy the beauty of Qiandenghu Park, it is open to public for free. When the dark arrives, here becames a wonder place to stay. Qiandenghu park has a large scale. There are yachts and bikes for renting, area for fishing, which is a good place to spend your leisure time. Construction of the park began in 1997 and the park was open in 2001. 

The park landscape is the most striking with 6 big lighthouse at heights of 28.5 meters and a 48 meter steel arch bridge and 250 meters long gallery frame and historical observation tower. The colorful landscape is lit up with1300 lights forming a bright shining with beautiful tree dotted landscapes. The public square is also one of the main venues for the Asian Performing Arts Festivals. 

The city of Qiandeng “The city of a thousand lanternsis a little water village. It has kept its traditional style of architecture and contains a lantern museum which display its centuries-old lantern culture. It’s also the hometown of Gu Yanwu, a patriotic thinker of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and one of early homes of the Kunqu Opera. You can take a cruise on the river, walk around the numerous museums and galleries, or take a stroll around the gardens enjoying the marvelous scenery. 


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