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Qu Yuan Temple

 Yueyang Attractions

The temple was first built 5 kilometers east of Guizhou, Zigui during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and reconstructed in Song (960-1279) while the temple was renovated many times afterwards. Due to the Gezhouba Water Control Project, Qu yuan temple was moved to Xiangjiaping, 3 kilometers east of Zigui. Now the temple located upon the mountain where you can see the mountains on the south bank.

Besides, there are cultural relics around the temple in commemorate of Qu Yuan like duxing pavilion, sao temple, guanying bridge, taohua cave, shouxing stage, Scissors pool, xiuhua pillar and wangye pllar which are usually called eight scenery in Yusi mountain. Even though several cultural relics submerged after years or can only be vaguely recognized. However, there are still loads of local residents and travelers come to visit in order to show their admiration for the loyalty of Qu Yuan. Dragon Boat Festival will be held every 5th May in lunar calendar.

During the period of time there will be dragon boat competition when many colorful boats on the river and thousands people on the banks. According to the figures, grand dragon races were held in 1981 along the miluo river. There are over 100 thousand tourists come to watch the events.

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