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Quanyan Hot Spring Resort

 Zhongshan Attractions

Zhongshan Quanyan Hot Spring Resort covers over 50,000 square meters, located in Zhongshan Quanyan village. Transportation is convenient, 30-minute drive from Zhuhai, Zhongshan and 20 minutes away. It is known as the private spa in downtown. Hot spring water comes from 200 meters deep underground. The spring water is rich in chlorides and iron, lead, copper and zinc sulphate minerals elements. It is effective for skin diseases, arthritis, low blood pressure, neurasthenia, etc. It also can promote blood circulation.

Open-air hot spring spa resort now have more than 20 local distinctive spa pool, main springs spa resort is up to 13 layers. The unique architectural features is one of the landmarks Torch Development Zone.

There are Hot Springs project, such as large spa surfing, spas rafting, wonderfully unique ice fountain, a significant health spa treatments Court, ultrasonic massage hot spa waterfall fountain, a large spa pool, spa SPA bananas to tropical waterpark. So if you want to have a relaxing hot spring tour, you can't miss this.

Address: No.1 Xingquan Road, Quanyan Village,Sanxiang Zhen, Zhongshan

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