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Temple of Confucius

 Qufu Attractions

Located in South Gate of Qufu, Shandong Province, Temple of Confucius is China's largest existing Confucius Temple. There are many Confucius Temple in the country, especially in the hometown of Confucius. Qufu Confucius Temple is the largest and earliest temple of them.It is called "three Kong"with Confucian and Cemetery.It’s one of China's four largest existing ancient buildings .

Covering an area of 327.5 acres, Temple of Confucius is 1,120 meters long from north to south.The entire Temple building has a rigorous central symmetrical layout and are consisted of nine courtyards.

The buildings are divided into three parts from the door.The buildings in the middle are Dacheng Gate,Xingtan, Dacheng Hall, Bedroom palace, Shrines temple and two verandas,it’s the place to worship Confucius and the wise men, sages.

The Sacred Gate, poetry hall, old well, Lu wall, Sacred Words, ancestral temple are the place Confucius worship the ancient ancestors.The west buildings include holy door,Gold Hall, St Wang Palace, Bedroom palace and other buildings,it’s the part commemorate Confucius’ parents.

Address: Shendao Road, Qufu 
Opening Hours: 07:30-16:30
Admission: 90RMB 


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