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Sangdui Red Grassland

 Garze Attractions

Sangdui Red Grassland locates in Sangdui town, about 28 kilometers far from the Daocheng county. Most of the time it is just a piece of inconspicuous wetland. But when it comes to the Autumn, the grassland here is overgrown with red bushes that attracted countless tourists. Because of the blood red color, the locals consider it is "color of heaven". As the view only lasts for around ten days, it is not easy to catch the scene.

Tips: Since the scenery in the Sangdui Red Grassland is very seasonal, normally start from the late of September and end in early October. Besides, it is better to choose a sunny day if you want to take photos of the grassland, since in sunny days, the color can be more gorgeous and stratified. While the best time for photographers is sunny days after rain.

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