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Tianya Haijiao

 Sanya Attractions

Tianya Haijiao is 26 kilometers long from Sanya city in the western place, Tianya Haijiao (which means the edge of the sky and the end of the sea) Tourism Zone is made up of the tropical granite tourism area, the shopping area and the vocation village, with a combination of tropical sea sights, historical relics and national folk culture.  The best way to enjoy a tour of Sanya, is to take advantage of the visa free policy of Hainan. 

The Chinese words "Nantianyizhu" is written by the chief magistrate of Yazhou prefecture Fang Yunti in Xuantong period of Qing dynasty, was originated from a legend. It's said that a long time ago, two fairy maidens from Li nationality in Lingshui descended silently to the world to help the fishers in the South Sea to fish.

Very annoyed for that, the empress sent the Thunder God and Goddess to catch them back. Because they refused to obey the order, they were changed into rocks and cleaved in two parts, one fell in the sea near Li'an, and the other called "Nantianyizhu" fell at one side of Tianya. The scene of the Nantianyizhu was printed on the back side of the two-yuan note (1986 edition). 

Address: Tianya Town, Sanya
Opening hours: 8:00AM-6:00PM
Admission: 95 Yuan/person 

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