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Sela Grassland

 Garze Attractions

Sela Grassland belongs to Sela Township of Daocehng County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province. It is located 8 kilometers southwest of the Daocheng County center.

Sela means “the land of light” in Tibetan. The scenery of Sela Grassland is captivated to tourists. It is surrounded by low and rounded hills. The grassland itself has gentle slopes and open terrain. Sela Grassland has beautiful scenery in the four seasons. When spring the whole grassland is suffused with the fresh smell of green grass. Those winding melting brooks that flowing through the grassland are the silver belts in the grassland and shin to set off with the main green color.

Sela Grassland has its most charming scenery in summer and autumn. When numerous named and unnamed flowers dotted across the grassland, when groups of sheep, cows and horses strolling or running in the grassland, when numerous colorful tents lying there, Sela Grassland get its prime season at scenery and tourists in summer. When autumn comes, the green Sela Grassland gradually changes into a golden one. Especially when the golden yellowish populus euphratica forest contradicts to the ever blue and clean sky, it brings a view of amazement. This should be the reason why Sela Grassland is reputed as “the paradise for photography” by tourists.

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