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Shanghai Old Street

 Shanghai Attractions

Shanghai Old Street is conveniently located next Chenghuang Temple Bazaar and Yuyuan Garden making it one of the top tourist attractions in Shanghai. Located on Fangbang Zhong Road, Shanghai Old Street is 825 meters in length and is divided into two sections which link Renmin Road in the east and Henan Road in the West. The east part of Shanghai Old Street retains features of the Qing Dynasty, whereas the west section which has construction on both sides of the street has styles of both Ming and Qing dynasty. The shops found here all have their unique design and style. 

Shanghai Old Street is has been a famous marketplace for hundreds of years. You will find there are many time honored brands from clothes, restaurants and souvenirs. For those who love to shop for baragin curios, handicrafts and souvenirs you will find that Shanghai Old Street is great for shopping. 

Getting to Shanghai Old Street 

The most convient way to reach Shanghai Old Street is to take subway line 10, getting off at Yuyuan Station. 

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