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Shanhaiguan Great Wall

 Qinhuangdao Attractions

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Shanhaiguan Great Wall Introduction

Shanhaiguan which is also known as Shanhai Pass is located in Qinghuangdao of Hebei Province. The pass has also been given the name “First Pass under Heaven” which can be found engraved at the gate of the pass. Shanhaiguan has been of great military significance being referred to as “Key to the Capitals”. The pass was officially built by General Xu Da of the Ming Dynasty in 1381, it was given the name Shanhai Pass which means the pass between mountain and the sea due to its positions between Yanshan Mountain and Bohai Sea. Shanhaiguan is 26 kilometers in length and more than 10 meters in width. Along some sections of the wall the height can reach 14 meters.

There are many notable attractions that should be visited at Shanhaiguan such as Mengjiangnv Temple, Jiaoshan, Longevity Mountain and the famous Old Dragon’s Head (Laolongtou). The Old Dragon’s Head is a section of Shanhaiguan which reaches into the Bohai Sea. At Laolongtou where are several sites that are worth visiting: Chenghai Pavilion, Nereus Temple, Estuary Stone City, Jinglu Beacon Tower, Nanhaokou and Ninghai City.

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


Shanhaiguan is located in Shanhaiguan District, Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province. 

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Main Sights

Old Dragon’s Head (Laolongtou), Chenghai Pavilion, Nereus Temple, Estuary Stone City and Jinglu Beacon Tower.  

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Travel Information

Admission Fee: CNY 40 (May - Oct), CNY 35 (Nov - Apr)
Boat Trip at Yansai Lake: CNY 40 
Opening Hours: 8:30AM - 8:00PM (summer & autumn), 8:30AM - 6:00PM (spring and winter)

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


Take bus No.25. 33, or 33 at Sidaoqiao Bus Station in Qinhuangdao, then get off at Shanhaiguan Nanmen (South Gate of Shanhaiguan). 


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