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Shijing Mountain Park

 Zhuhai Attractions

Shijing  Mountain Park is famous for its rocky landscape and sits in the centre of the city, the park is one of Zhuhai's places of interest. The highest peak on the mountain is formed of a giant rock, shaped like the horn, nose and mouth of a rhinoceros looking to the sky, which once earned the mountain the name "the mountain of Xiniuwangyue'' (the rhinoceros looking up at the Moon)". The mountain range that falls away behind the eponymous rhino is a rocky menagerie featuring a hawk, a panda, a tiger, cattle and a lion.

This park is beautiful with great scenery, there are cable cars to the top of the mountain where you can get a full of  Zhuhai. also you can take the rail slide back down or walk the steps, hire boats on the boating lake and enjoy a walk round in the sunshine. The park is free of charge.

Shijingshan Park is an area of 392,000 square meters. Look down from the top, you will find many different styles of "stone animals”, for this reason the park also known as "Stone Zoo". In the morning, drive to Shijingshan Park, you can chose to take a cable car up to the mountain and where you are able to have a bird eye view of Zhuhai city.

The summit of Shinjing Mountain has unrivalled views of the city of Zhuhai, the churning water and the green islands dotted over it. A good way for visitors to view the scenery is to take the Shijing Mountain Ropeway which starts at the foot of the mountain.

Address: Haibin Beilu, Zhuhai
Opening hours: 9:00AM-5:30PM 
Admission:  Free (Ropeway: 30RMB for a round trip)
Transportation: Bus No. 2, 4, 13, 20, 206, 605.

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