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Tagong Grassland

 Garze Attractions

Tagong Grassland is located in Tagong Township, Kangding County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Tagong Grassland has an area of 712.37 square kilometers with gentle slopes and lush grass.

Tagong Grassland is very beautiful by itself, but its beauty is more splendid combined with its surroundings. The sacred Yala Mountain is standing not far away from Tagong Grassland. The mountain is clustered with clouds and fog all the year around, being mystery and scared in the area. The ever blue and clean sky, the shining Tagong Temple, the wondering sheep and cows, all these are combined to bring a picturesque image.

Tagong Grassland has its most beautiful scenery in summer. When there are numerous named or unnamed flowers in different bright colors dotted in the grassland, the enormous Tagong Grassland like a vast green carpet decorated with exquisite flower patterns. Sheep and cows are frequent visitors of the grassland. Also there are tents and yurts scattered in the grassland. When sheep and cows are casually wondering, when horses are galloping, when beautiful songs and delicious taste coming out from the tents or somewhere, time in Tagong Grassland is so great.

Every year there will be horse racing held on Tagong Grassland. During the horse racing, herdsmen from the surrounding area get together at Tagong Grassland. They are dress in their beautiful ethnic costumes to celebrate the festival. There are exciting horse races and other activities to join, and excellent performances to enjoy. It is a grand fair for people of Kangba Area.

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