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Mount Taishan

 Taian Attractions

Mount Taishan (Mount Tai) locates in the middle of the Shangdong Province. Geologically, it is the oldest and most important example of the palaeo-metamorphic system representative of the Cambrian period in eastern China. Referred to as the Taishan Complex, it comprises magmatized, metamorphic and sedimentary rock and an intrusive mass of various origins that were formed in the Archaean era 170-200 million years ago. Since ancient time, Mount Tai is recognized as holy and sacred Mountain and held the accolade as “Most Revered of the Five Sacred Mountains”. Furthermore, Mount Tai symbolized the peaceful life and unified country. Four thousands of years, more than a dozen emperors paid their homage to the mountain. Vast quantities of poetry and stone inscriptions were left by emperors, poets and scholars of every era.

“Steady as Mountain Tai” is a common Chinese proverb. Mount Tai is well known for its grandness, spectacular, high altitude, steadiness and massiveness. It was listed as Cultural and Natural World Heritage site in 1987 and named as “World Geopark” in 2006. It is also among the first group of “National Parks of China”, the national 5A-class tourist attraction, the top 10 best National Civilized Spot in China.

Taishan was also an important centre of religious activity for both Buddhism and Taoism. In 351 BC an eminent monk named Lang, the first to come to the mountain, set up the Lang and Divine Rock temples.

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