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Tsing Ma Bridge

 Hong Kong Attractions

Tsing Ma Bridge is also a major construction and tourist attractions in Hong Kong, it attracts tourists from around the world come to visit it.

However, There is no sidewalk in the Tsing Ma Bridge, so visitors can not walk in the Tsing Ma Bridge to visit the bridge. The Bridge length is 2,200 meters, the span of the main bridge is also up to 1377 meters, there are two crane towers, each one is 206 meters high, 62 meters from the sea, it is the world's longest railway, highway suspension bridge.  

The Tsing Ma Bridge along with the Kap Shui Mun Bridge which connected to Ma Wan and Lantau Islandt are like two rainbows, looks even more spectacular and magnificent then the Golden Gate Bridge in the United States. It now become Hong Kong's new attractions.

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