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Wuyi Overseas Chinese Museum (Jiangmen City Museum)

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In the afternoon 6th November  2013, a ceremony was hold to announce the completion of Jiangmen Wuyi Overseas Chinese Museum. The deputy mayor of Jiangmen City said the museum collected a total of amount of 3.9 million cultural relics.

Jiangmen Wuyi Overseas Chinese Museum or Jiangmen City Museum, also known as Wuyi Overseas Chinese Museum is a comprehensive state-level museum attached to the culture of Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, Press and Publication Bureau of Radio and Television.

In May 1985, Jiangmen City Museum was formally established as the permanent government of professional heritage management institutions, halls scheduled for Chen Baisha memorial museum management. In February 1997 and August, the city government turn off the White House and the new Chen Shao-Ning Railway Station North Street, the site reverted to city museum management. 

The exhibition is divided into Jinshan Dream, Overseas Business, Loyalty unto death, The rise of overseas Chinese home town, New chapter of overseas Chinese Hometown and Chinese honor. The overseas Chinese cultural relics tell all the history to the world. Since its inception in 1985, the exhibition displays more than 200 total held, the basic display a collection of Chinese antiques exhibition, Chen Baisha’s life story shows, Shao-Bai’s life story shows, the new history of Nanjing railway exhibition. Museum of the past three years, the use of existing collection resources, the introduction of exhibitions, exhibition co-organized exhibitions and many other ways, temporary exhibitions held annually for more than 10 visits per year more than 10 million.

Jiangmen City Museum collections through a variety of legal means to broaden access to channels and pipes will be allocated in Guangdong Sheng Wen, archaeological survey acquisition, archaeological excavations unearthed, units, individual donations and to all kinds of cultural relics stores and individual collectors to buy. As of the end of 2008, the existing wide range of items more than 30,000, of which about Jiucheng overseas Chinese heritage. Chinese cultural relics in the collection in kind amounting to more than 20,000 pieces, photographs, more than 1,000 copies books and reference materials, publications and more than 2,700 volumes (copies), rich in content, for display and study of the history of Wuyi Overseas Chinese is extremely important. 

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