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Yamen Ancient Battlefield

 Jiangmen Attractions

Yamen Ancient Battlefield is located in Jiangmen City Xinhui District Gujing official Chongcun Yamen. This Ancient Battlefield is about 5 kilometers away from the Juhui Town. The tourist zone covers a total area of 1,100 acres and divided into four functional areas: the cultural theme memorial area, culture and leisure experience zone, ecological landscape conservation areas and vision development area. The sight is a tourist attraction for sightseeing in Jiangmen

There are 6 major characteristics: China's first naval culture as the theme to tourist areas; China's largest warships italics landmark; the world's most massive marine anchor; China's largest white marble dragon top Biography country Yuxi; the only emperor palace and the longest poem calligraphy gallery in Guangdong province.

Yamen was the last ancient battlefield in the Southern Song Dynasty, which known as the famous and the most famous "battle of Yamen" event history, but become a famous tourist destination now. 700 years ago, the last emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty established in its palace in Yashan. The Yamen Fort was built in 1809, tight choke the Yamen seaport, the situation is precarious, whenever the wave blows, overwhelming, spectacular. Yamen Bridge is a extra large twin towers with single cable plane cable bridge crossing Yamen Channel, with a length of 1289 m and span 668 m. 

There is megalith standing erect in the reaches of the river with huge volume and 3.3- meter height, which is in about 1.000 meters away from Yamen Bridge. Several lines of characters are chiseled on the megalith which record that the Song Emperor Shaodi and Prime Minister Lu Xiufu died here for their country. Southern Song was ruined here about 700 year ago. In 1279 AD, the Yuan army invaded and occupied the capital of Southern Song (Lin’an). And the emperor Shaodi escaped to Yashan Mountain and founded the capital here. In 1279 AD, the Yuan army invaded again and divided into land and water lines to surround Yashan Mountain, and then they fought each other on the Yashan, and finally, Song army was completed collapsed by Yuan Army because of Yuan powerful army and its well preparation. The Prime Minister Lu Xiufu drove his wife and children to Yahai by sword and then jumped into the sea with 8-year-old Song Emperor Shaodi. The Song Dynasty disappeared in the history with the surging seawater.

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