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Yangmei Ancient Town

 Nanning Attractions

Located 30 km west of Nanning, Yangmei Ancient Town is a well-preserved old town.Built in Song Dynasty originally,the town once was the commodity center of the area.The famous tourist Xu Xiake in Ming Dynasty traveled here and gave a high praise.There are many well preserved ancient architectures in Yangmei ancient town of Nanning.

Vistors can enjoy many famous scenic spots in Yangmei such as the Sunset Reflected on the Dragon Pool, Sword in the Spring, Medication on the Slope, Green Trees on Thunder Peak, Moon Night on the Beach, Pavilion Facing the River, Rosy Clouds Watching in the Pavilion and the Sound of Beach and Pine Forest.

In addition, there are two historical relics in Yangmei Ancient Town.One is the former residence of Liang Zhitang and Liang Lieya on Jinma Street,they are leaders of the 1911 Revolution.The other one is Kuixing Tower which is built in Qing dynasty (1736 A.D.) which has a majestic appearance.It is not only a precious historic relic, but also an important memorial for the 1911 Revolution. 

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