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Yanzigou Scenic Resort

 Garze Attractions

Yanzigou Scenic Resort is located in the eastern slope of the sacred Gongga Mountain in the beautiful Western Sichuan Plateau. This scenic resort is 283 km away from Chengdu. Yanzigou, known as "World Redstone Park, is a scenic of the largest Redstone area in the world. In the scenic area there are 35 perpetual snow mountains and 5 ten thousand years’ glaciers around them. The original forest stretches across eight vertical vegetation zones, and the vertical drop closes to 6000 meters above sea level, forming magnificent scenery. The forest is the most original and the best cared-for scenic spot of Western Sichuan Plateau.

More than 4000 kinds of plants are found in Yanzigou Scenic resort, with hundreds of ornamental plants, more than two hundred kinds of flowers, such as Mulan, azalea, lily, orchid and valuable Chinese herbal medicine Cordyceps, fritillary, gastrodia elata, etc. besides, more than 300 kinds of animals live here, among which more than 20 kinds are rare animals, such as panda, antelope, takin, rhesus monkeys, and so on.

Abundant resources of landscape of the scenic area attract numerous tourists here to enjoy the valuable sights. Present ice, old-growth forest, rare animals and plants, prairie, alpine lake, hot and cold spring. 

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