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Zhang's Garden

 Jianshui Attractions

Zhang's Garden was constructed in the 31st years of Emperor Guangxu's reign in the Qing Dynasty (1905). It is situated in Tuanshan Village, 13 kilometers west of Jianshui County. This is a private dwelling for Mr. Zhang, but it covers more than 10,000 square meters. It is the second largest garden in Jianshui and is one of the scenic spots in Jianshui tourism.

Zhang's Garden is consisted of the gateway, the first courtyard, the medium courtyard, the third courtyard, the garden, the Ancestral Hall, and the external blockhouse. There are 21 dooryards and 110 rooms with different sizes in the garden.

This castle-styled private garden is built in the style of Chinese traditional architecture. The whole complex is elegantly and gracefully layout with the bracketed eaves, warped roof corners and the stream-lined body to be perfectly combined in the grey colored theme, bringing the feeling of low profile and comfortable. And the delicately carved column, painted walls, being decorated with the painting and calligraphy of famous people. Zhang's Garden has a general style of rich but not tedious, colorful but not vulgar, simple but not boring, plain but not rough. This local Jianshui dwelling house has great values in the aspects of quality, art and culture.

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