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Zhu's Garden

 Jianshui Attractions

Zhu's Garden is the largest construction of dwelling house in Jianshui County. It stands in Jianxin Street within Jianshui County. Constructed in late Qing Dynasty, Zhu's Garden has a history of more than 100 years. It covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters and has 42 courtyards. Zhu's Garden has the fame of "Southern Yunnan Grand View Garden" and now has been one of the major attractions in Jianshui County tourism.

Zhujia Garden is a classic representative of Qing Dynasty styled architecture. Its elegant outlook with refined inside structure, flexible layout with rich space, gradual levels with quiet environment, plus the simple colors and proper decoration, Zhujia Garden show the perfect combination of inland and frontier culture by its profound cultural connotation and artistic value. This typical private garden built with the local touch is the treasures of "Museum of Old Architecture" and the "Museum of the Common People's House" in Jianshui County, and is famed as the live specimen for life culture.

A small portion of the garden were renovated in 1999 to 28 rooms that are scattered in 4 sections, namely "Plum Hall", "Orchid Courtyard", "Bamboo Groove" and "Chrysanthemum Garden. It has become a scenic garden combining accommodation, sightseeing, tourism and entertainment. The 28 rooms are made for the accommodation for tourists and they experience lifestyle of Qing Dynasty. The bed, table and chair are all made of carved cam wood in the Qing styles. Doormen and guides are all in Qing costumes and serve people in Qing-styled manners. This innovative entertainment is quite popular among tourists.

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