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Zili Village Diaolou

 Kaiping Attractions

Zili Village is located in Tangkou Township, Kaiping City. The 15 barbicans in Zili Village are one of the world cultural heritage site. These barbicans were built by local overseas Chinese to protect their home and property from invasion. The beautiful natural environment in the village of the ponds, lotus, paddy fields, grasslands, harmoniously set off the barbicans and local dwellings to make Zili Village one of the popular attractions in Kaiping.

Some barbicans in Zili Village were built according to design drawings brought back from overseas, while some were built by the unique design of the owner without drawings. So Barbicans in Zili Village are of different styles and each has its own features. But they are all perfect combinations of the traditional Chinese architecture with the modern western styles. From the outside, Barbicans are like a guard equipped with thick and sturdy walls and gates. While their roofs are rich with exquisite decoration and designs both from the west and the east.

Zili Village barbicans are outstanding representatives of the culture exchange between the local Chinese and the modern West. They are witness of the development of the local overseas Chinese and have been an important part of the local culture.

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