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Ancient Plank Road

 Chongqing Attractions

The Ancient Plank Road was first built in Qing Dynasty, it was a time when the navigation during the flood season prohibited. Until 1888 (the 14th reign year of Guangxu emperor of qing dynasty) the intelligent Shu people started to tackle the problem by excavating holes in the steep cliff, insert iron or wood sticks into the hole and then put stones or planks to make a road chiseled on the cliff.

There are two types of plank roads, either with stone balustrades or iron chains along the side, so they were quite secure for people to walk on.

The road used to connect country Qin, Chu and Ba during the Warring States Period. The transportation improved significantly. the road played an important role not only in transportation but also in politics, military, economy and culture. While along with the development of Yangtze river, some of the road drown. When the three gorges project started to impound water, most of the Ancient Plank Road submerged due to the raise of water level.

While even though the Ancient Plank Road mostly withdrawal from the stage of history, they still considered to be a marvel of human engineering, they show the ingenuity and endeavor of the ancient Chinese people.

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