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Jingzhou Ancient City Wall

 Jingzhou Attractions

Jingzhou divided into three parts, from outside to inside are Water City, Brick City and Earth City respectively. The water city is the moat of the city wall, it connects Tai Lake to the Grand Canal. The Jingzhou city wall is 3.75 kilometer in length, the perimeter of the wall is 11.03 kilometers, the acreage is about 4.5 square kilometers in total.

Jingzhou City Wall has over 2,000 years of history, it was first built in the East Han Dynasty (25AD-220AD). During the Song, Yuan and Ming dynasty, it has been repaired multiple times. The one in existence now was rebuilt in Qing dynasty when Shunzhi reign. Measuring 30 feet high, the city wall has 1567 battlements and 28 emplacements.

Among China’s seven ancient city walls. Jingzhou city wall is rated as the second best, The wall is the largest and best preserved compared with other famous city walls, it is not only a famous scenic spots but also a historical relics. In 29th Nov 1996, As a symbol of architecture in Ming and Qing dynasty, the Jinzhou city wall was authorized in the list of the forth installments of “national culture relics protection units”. Now the city wall has become one of the favorite places that attracted worldwide tourists come to visit. It is also an important place of interest to observe the three kingdom history.

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