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Heilongjiang Province, with Hei for short and Harbin for the capital city, it lies in the northeast of China with the highest altitudes and the northernmost end of China. Heilongjiang Province adjoins Russia to the east and north across the Heilongjian River and Wusuli River, neighboring Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the west and Jilin Province to the south. It covers a vast land area of 454,000 square kilometers.


Heilongjiang Province is featured with varied topography with mountains and ranges, rivers, plains and terraced farmlands. But most of the province is covered by mountain ranges, like the Greater Khingan Range and Lesser Khingan Range, Laoye Mountains, Wanda Mountains and Zhangguangcai Mountains. The famous Three River Plain lies in the southeast and Songnen Plain in the west. Heilongjiang Province is quite abundant in water resources, like the Muling River, the Naoli River, the Songhua River, the Nen River and the Mudan River.

Climate in Heilongjiang Province belongs to continental monsoon climate with long, cold winters and short, moderate summers.


Art of ice sculpture developed in Heilongjiang is very famous all over the world. The art show of song-and-dance duet, a kind of interesting performance performed by two persons is quite popular in Northeast China. And there is a kind of opera called Longjiangju with strong local flavors is popular in Heilongjian.


Heilongjiang Province is rich in tourism resources especially in ice spots and snow and activities. When winter you could get a lot of fun from ice and snow activities in Heilongjiang. Enjoy exquisite ice sculptures is the must-do there. Its advantageous natural condition in snow-skiing also attract a lot of tourists every year. Other famous sites are Wudalianchi Lakes, Jingbo Lake, Diaoshuilou Falls and so on.
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The Most Popular Destinations in Heilongjiang

The Most Popular Attractions in Heilongjiang