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Hunan Province, short as Xiang, is situated in the south-central part of China, middles reaches of Yangtze River and north of Dongting Lake. Covering a land area of 211,800 square kilometers, Hunan Province adjoins Hubei in the north, Jiangxi in the east, Guangdong in the southeast, Guangxi in the southwest, Guizhou in the west and Chongqing Municipality in the northwest. Changsha city serves as the capital city of Hunan Province.

Geography and Climate

Mountains and hills make up 80% of the whole Hunan. Especially in the eastern, southern and western sides of Hunan there located by mountains such as Wuling Mountains in the borthwest, the Xuefeng Mountains in the west, the Nanling Mountains in the south and the Luoxiao Mountains in the east. While in the northern part, there lies the flat and rich Dongting Lake Plain.

Hunan has a humid subtropical climate with short, cold, damp winters and humid, rainy, hot summers.


Hunan has nurtured the great Huxiang culture and many famous people in Chinese history. Hunan Huagu opera is an arstic opera form that is widely spread in Hunan province. Also Xiang embroidery, as one of the China's four embroideries with exquisite handwork and high artistic value has gained wide reputation in China. When you travel to Hunan, never miss the delicious Xiang cuisine.


The beautiful sceneries and numerous historic sites in Hunan have made it a hot tourism province in China. The top famous scenic spots in Hunan are Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Mount Hengshan, Phoenix Ancient Town, Dongting Lake, Yueyang Tower, Yuelu Mountain and so on.
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The Most Popular Destinations in Hunan

The Most Popular Attractions in Hunan