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Chengdu East Railway Station

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Name in pinyin: Chengdu Dong
Name in Chinese: 成都东站
Address: No. 4 Wanke Rd, Chenghua District
Address in Chinese: 成华区保和街道万科路4号
Metro: Line 2.
Bus: 2, 38, 40, 91, 101, 146, 147, 2, 38, 91, 101, 146, 147, 317, 40, 47, 71, 121, 817.

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It is located at no. 4 Wanke road, Chenghua district. Trains of type D (high-speed train), K, and T (normal-speed train) are available at this station. Chengdu East is one of the six transportation hubs nationwide. 

You can enter the station from all four sides of the building. At the main hall, there are 26 ticket checking points. You may enter the platform area from any of them.  Each ticket checking point deploys two manned ticketing passes and three electronic ticketing passes, where you can insert your ticket for scanning and the door will open automatically. The ticket checking points are fairly close to the departure awaiting room. After the ticket is checked, passengers can take elevators or lifts and go down to the platforms. 

The station is composed of three part: the east square, the west square, and the main building. The main building has 5 levels. From top to buttom are departure awiting room (3F), platform level (2F), exit level (1F), metro line 2 station (-1F), metro line 7 station (-2F, still underconstruction). 

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