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Selected Route: Yichang Railway Station - Yichang Port
Duration:2.0 Hours | Available Cars: 3
Our English speaking tour guide will hold your name sign at the dock. Take you to your preferred destination by company air-conditioned coach. His/her cell phone will also be given to you for urgent contact.
With Guide
Without Guide
Since most of the drivers don’t speak English well in China, we recommend you choose transfer with guide service especially if you need to communicate with the driver or if have heavy pieces of luggage.
Car size:
Car (2-5 seats)
Van (5-7 seats)
Coach (15-25 seats)
Coach (25+ seats)
Vehicle Car Model Vehicle
Seats Doors Luggage Space (Litre) Air-Con Rate (Incl. Driver)
- Without Guide
Refine Van(5-7 seats) 7 Seats 4 Doors 300 Litre Yes

$ 56 / Car

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Toyota Coaster (19 Seats) Van(5-7 seats) 19 Seats 2 Doors 400 Litre Yes

$ 112 / Car

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King Long (33 seats) Coach (25+ seats) 33 Seats 3 Doors 800 Litre Yes

$ 126 / Car

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