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Nanjing Weather and Climate

Nanjing weather is humid with a subtropical climate and is under the influence of the East Asia Monsoon. Seasons are distinct in Nanjing, with usually hot summers and plenty of rainfall throughout the year. Along with Wuhan and Chongqing, Nanjing is often referred to as one of the "Three Furnacelike Cities" along the Yangtze River for the perennially high temperatures in the summertime.

The average temperature during the year is 16 degrees. The average high temperature in January is 7 degrees, while the average low is −1 degrees. The average high in July is 32 degrees with an average low of 25 degrees. On average it rains 117 days out of the year, and the average annual rainfall is 1,106.5 millimetres (43.6 in). The time from mid-June to the end of July is the plum blossom Meiyu season, during which the city experiences a period of mild rain as well as dampness.

Spring in Nanjing is from mid March to June. During this time of season Nanjing experiences low levels of precipitation and humidity and he weather is dry and sunny. Temperature at this time can range from 14 degrees to 23 degrees. At this time of year, people generally wear light wind breakers, jeans, and long sleeve shirts.

Summer in Nanjing is long and comes with plenty of rainfall, with the hottest months falling in July and August when the average temperature is 27 degrees. However, as the city has often been referred to as one of the "the blazing furnace" cities along the Yangtze River, it is then safe to say that the city sometimes experiences extreme heat during the summer months, where temperature can reach as high as 40C. During this time of year, people often wear shorts and t-shirts, while wearing waterproof shoes and carry umbrellas on cloudy, rain forecasted days.

During the autumn season, generally from October to mid December, the weather is cool and dry in Nanjing. The level of precipitation decreases gradually at this time and the rainy season will have ended by the middle of October. Temperatures will range from 10 degrees to 20 degrees and people often seen wearing jeans, shirts, light pullovers and carrying jackets.

Winter in Nanjing is generally from November through to February, with the coldest month falling in January when the average temperature is 2.4 degrees. During this time of year, people are often seen wearing nice winter wear, such as sweaters, long slacks, down coats, boots, gloves, hats and scarfs.