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Ngari Weather and Climate

Located in western Tibet Autonomous Region, Ngari has many mountains with an average elevation of 4,500 meters and is called the "roof of the world".

Ngari has a plateau monsoon climate with season wind fron November to May. Lying north to south,the weather of Ngari has significant differences from north to south. Ngari has a low average temperatures across the region.The maximum temperature is 26℃ and the lowest is -30℃.

The best season travel to Ngari is from April to September with the average temperature 10℃.The best time travel to Ngari each year is July and August.

Located in western Tibet, with high altitudes and harsh natural conditions,the road in Ngari is often interrupted for the weather change,there are only two month the road are available.The annual average temperature of Ngari is 19 ℃.Most area of Ngari is 5,000 meters above sea level.With large temperature difference between day and night,travelers must bring enough warm clothing.